Circle Leg Table - Offered in Three Editions*

Edition One:

One color alternating with clear and frosted circles (frosted circles have a clear edge). Or, two colors alternating with clear and frosted circles - as shown in the example. Edition of 500.

Edition Two:

Legs all one color. All leg circles are the same color for all three legs. Edition of 500.

Edition Three:

Clear and frosted legs. Leg circles alternate between all frosted, all clear, frosted with a clear edge and clear with a frosted edge. Tres elegante! Edition of 500.

* All editions come with a clear top (as shown).

Although you may choose from any color or colors, the designers recommend the following colors as combinations.


Fluorescent Pink & Fluorescent Orange (Shown above)

Fluorescent Tangerine & Ruby Red
Ruby Red & Emerald Green (Shown on Previous Page)
Bottle Green & Black
Royal Blue & Amber

Additional custom colors are available, so if you don't see just the right thing, please give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Colors are not exact on the web site, especially the fluorescent's. Please contact your local design professional or Jump Designs for color swatches prior to ordering.

7" diameter circles of 1" acrylic support a 1" clear top.




20 inches (top of table)

1/8" Color laminate on 1" Clear Acrylic Polymer

23 inches (top of legs)

Weight: 35 pounds
Outside Dimension: approx. 23 inches  

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